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Bitcoin cloud mining enables people to earn Bitcoins without bitcoin mining hardware, bitcoin mining software, electricity, bandwidth or other offline issues.


Best DOGE cloud mining profit with the most accurate calculation method. One of the most profitable cloud mining currencies.


Ethereum or Ether is the #1 cryptocurrency in terms of mining profitability. If you know the game of mining, it is an efficient way to earn passive income in crypto sphere.

Crypto Miner Cloud Mining

How It Work?

Create a Litecoin wallet. It is simple and free, you can skip this step and directly login by using your Litecoin wallet if you already owned it.

Login to your Litecoin wallet using only the wallet address, you will be connected directly with the hosted Litecoin node, we do not request or store any of your private data.

Mine immediately No waitting time The algorithm can be flexibly upgraded.

You can enjoy earning. More MH/S means more mining speed and more income.

Our advantage

We connects to Litecoin node server that process LTC transactions directly, no third-party service required.The fees of these transactions earned are returned as profits from investments.

Expert Team

Our mining team come from blockchain industry and IT engineers, we have you covered with the knowledge and skills of our team.

Maximum Efficiency

Efficiency is what drives the margins in cryptocurrency transaction processing.The modern ASIC chips deliver the maximum performance and efficiency possible.

About Crypto Miner is a leading of Litecoin Mining services. Each MH/s is provide by power of a physical miners which located in our data center.

Newest algorithms allows us to reach maximum available profit. We provide you with the  automatic, cheapest and easiest possible way earn money without  any of the hard stuff.

Our data centers located around the globe, it allow us to keep bills down and mining power high, so it allow You to make much more income in a shorter amount of time than what it would take to mine from your home. Our data centers are located in USA and China and East Europe, we have 100% uptime due to the double geo-reserving system.


Litecoin Miner Transaction

0.76378512 LTC LeGDWCkXjXAvayFsWg8nzsdfx4bwfJvXXX 2021-01-26 11:55:30
0.71050445 LTC MA3woQ57N2WR4ZsFjZuTqwGASpSb14WXXX 2021-01-26 11:48:30
1.08736643 LTC ltc1qna3yetlp4htq3qzjk028mwyu692rwsf4gurXXX 2021-01-26 11:30:10
1.13560888 LTC M9jLamMoktRy1jbPrtEVbUKp8Aih5YGXXX 2021-01-26 11:26:01
0.58027019 LTC MAr1VJ8E2ojoNwHjep4gzBsouF1PSTVXXX 2021-01-26 11:13:48
2.13142869 LTC MC7KDJ22nyoGuKMPRy8W5cuAAdqYhfXXXX 2021-01-26 11:07:41
0.85151423 LTC LUpMoR9J44UvPLpb6kJLov4Ne4rTjUaXXX 2021-01-26 10:43:26
0.82196946 LTC MD4v1VWCygo3Bvka7tkzPTSLcsfwVipXXX 2021-01-26 10:37:23
1.39718153 LTC MLoaA2je8saAM17RRKgx1ZfDqGNbSDcXXX 2021-01-26 10:06:38
0.52634147 LTC LULc4HYL3Hcz3qitNHyhKc9rmrEfXurXXX 2021-01-26 10:01:14
0.85698215 LTC MPmHYFkwWeGYg63GPKKctib41Hqgj9iXXX 2021-01-26 09:48:39
0.57484939 LTC MSyoHKDqXPHprkzWzTgDbDrGvrpdRenXXX 2021-01-26 09:36:27
1.11619222 LTC MDq3V3JucKb9VH9CUU4T2VzoG5p2JtqXXX 2021-01-26 09:12:36
4.54256984 LTC ltc1q4mm8kff2698hy92ez4cp0nwx0qy9c5m9nugXXX 2021-01-26 09:01:03
1.07401103 LTC LKkXVZj1FErs5PoM29pF3Toafk1FBBkXXX 2021-01-26 08:54:42
1.10151482 LTC MVpBNPDei5GjUisbdfhHtvhrXNGAo8uXXX 2021-01-26 08:24:07
0.50686169 LTC MT6TakZHS4fuVvApkXGKoL4NzTYPCSeXXX 2021-01-26 08:01:41
0.57923427 LTC M9DdhyuqqsAmXhVH9PXo3w8Vja4tpAdXXX 2021-01-26 07:43:39
4.89611888 LTC ltc1q6mnj59ssh78cr743hhzkkd5jxvyfnjs8da0XXX 2021-01-26 07:36:20
1.10245968 LTC LcJmzkLqJ2uhLRAWZzzfqN9qy8fanE7XXX 2021-01-26 07:31:25
2.44205612 LTC MCh9ir9ihNrijHX4SBMoZADRNxSTCBJXXX 2021-01-26 07:25:39
0.83226405 LTC LYKMMJso1FFbH2iMk2UxdZ1nTMG6ELcXXX 2021-01-26 07:12:40
0.84626468 LTC MGAu7cnP8nogdWkqEdyGLETavE4SchbXXX 2021-01-26 07:00:31
0.68876574 LTC LRhfoMmGfAa93PJdqVASQ3uDqcz3ADdXXX 2021-01-26 06:55:58
0.59284338 LTC LKF6giHnyejSWq7ZBdfWrPekgFRMJPzXXX 2021-01-26 06:36:14
4.15191133 LTC MTNLq47vXeuayj5VP4stmNRNL5fikMeXXX 2021-01-04 12:09:07
1.1796987 LTC LTXVPgG7LB2FD3EYKm8m4PpZ4H3v5fRXXX 2021-01-04 10:46:17
1.52460681 LTC LXEhoo9ZvCostkM7tTmTBH288nWLfcfXXX 2021-01-04 08:01:06
1.54607891 LTC 3593s3Sx9KTkPgiwtQsPgDhAwzHftZNXXX 2021-01-04 06:45:58
0.5420498 LTC 3CUdYUT9Thy77Gvm9ExKwPNtoVQ2svkXXX 2021-01-04 04:45:48
4.38989547 LTC MERqMkMMqhkqhJTXTDZYzhH9imfLXMsXXX 2021-01-04 04:09:48
4.76270901 LTC M9KiJgK5nJjFC3NcFugN6zgcW1sXcJUXXX 2021-01-04 03:46:40
2.44446096 LTC LcWVYYzuT1VGCwmGKFSbuDQu1mEzJGqXXX 2021-01-04 02:36:46
1.76623948 LTC MNvo7FUEKaJyAhQSDPzV7TsqvTsmPxjXXX 2021-01-04 01:19:30
0.49845645 LTC LcQiSHGtv1dzuGaCVsY69kjV3KjBxfsXXX 2021-01-04 00:28:44
7.53438662 LTC LLvCuEG3tybXLvoxcVEZnNn2zMQfZazXXX 2021-01-03 23:19:00
2.2402644 LTC LSjP1fBatgcML4NjXj4QdmhzASQVM8JXXX 2021-01-03 21:54:59
1.99818012 LTC 32JMMAwoQWtTCeVaD88UZaDzrze7b9dXXX 2021-01-03 21:28:55
4.75575973 LTC LR2kFARRBQS5YLnBBNikbkJoybaUqaoXXX 2021-01-03 21:19:26
2.50336364 LTC MBkRgQ1LajUzR3wnpq6KcMhWL1LtWhbXXX 2021-01-03 20:54:16
3.94041594 LTC M8bWgK4ZPFAxrc3wmpwkgWigASKzbc8XXX 2021-01-03 19:55:00
1.10258449 LTC LUhH9ho4jaxCmcLih2KmXF6GueRW7FrXXX 2021-01-03 19:18:15
2.21285344 LTC MHq4pSKRkcuHeShEW9pAeixh4KYzLeZXXX 2021-01-03 18:46:56
4.46812679 LTC M7xnjyGgxwzuABRsBU84VXozZ7WbD7NXXX 2021-01-03 17:46:50
3.82351336 LTC LWEaXGv2ACfmaYjctp5aHzFxWjYZyJJXXX 2021-01-03 17:10:32
1.41046622 LTC LSDHwe726pLbM23uDmgL84JZzKjBZG7XXX 2021-01-03 15:45:27
1.17432597 LTC LLw3QBq5YHPRhYAkfF41Av4LLMiBLiHXXX 2021-01-03 14:45:28
0.80497449 LTC 3QCk6LknZdwDySBUT1cAcePcsK2exi9XXX 2021-01-03 13:46:15
4.15969985 LTC 38GbcUKek7uNwuXGNvKEaYs6AnX1fW2XXX 2021-01-03 09:19:24
2.22543581 LTC LLgrTUV3heRnsJX8ErLo9M5JvFYVu8gXXX 2021-01-03 08:28:00










Frequently Asking Question’s

Getting started is very simple. Read our "How it work" guide for some useful information on how to get started.
No problems, Litecoin wallets are free.You can create many as you like here. You can buy and sell Litecoin on exchanges like,,,,,,,,, Also you can use exchange service:,,,
Balance withdrawal will be processed automatically, you will receive the withdrawal amostly instantly to your wallet, in some rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer. Withdrawal transactions are generated instantly and broadcast on to the block at the highest speed.
It can take from 1 to 60 minutes for us to receive your deposit. This is depends on the node traffic, and your Litecoin wallet service.
Minimum deposit limit is 0.1 Litecoin . Theres no Maximum deposit limit.
Every your deposit in cryptocurrencies we have automatically sent by our systems to the cold wallets located in different parts of the world, thus reducing the probability of loss or theft.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 LTC.
We don't set passwords to access your account due to the absolutely legitimate and transparent mining method. We provide you servise wich is directly connect your wallet to the LTC node. Your earned reward can be withdraw only to your wallet. This cloud mining method is completely eliminates the possibility of steal your cryptocurrency or any other kind of fraud.

“A great way to get started in mining without needing to buy/upgrade any equipment, or smashing your power bill. Never had any issues with payouts.”

Kiyoshi M. -


“Will you have a great and welthy future ? or will you fall behind depending on failing banks . Mining btc and other crypto will NOT make sure that you are in the right track , but IF YOU DO IT WITH Cryptominer then now you are in great shape for the future :)”

Tonny Z. -


“I had been approached by someone on instagram with a view to investing in crypto, after a bit digging I found out this was a Ponzi scam, went and did my own looking into the best cloud mining and Cryptominer was the on for me, well established with real customer service that knocks it out the park, always there to help no ,matter how small or large your query, very courteous and polite, I’m finding it a pleasure to deal with you and hope this venture can grow in time and will definitely be purchasing another contract, the best prices I could find for hashpower for a low initial investment, thank you all so much for the opportunity and stay awesome, kindest regards”

Peter C. -

Procore Technologies